Introduction Written On November 1, 2001

Finally! The Russian Cadets Are On-Line

So, it has finally happened and the site dedicated to the beautiful Russian cadets is online, in spite of many complication we had on the way to bring you the finest adult entertainment media.

Military ParadeOf course the fist question visitor will put – how it was possible to present REAL cadets on this web-site, not professional models for which posing nude is the way to make money for living, not the guys from escorts who are used to show their intimate body-parts, but exactly REAL military students…

Well, it was and it is very complicated on that point that military men are very serious and have their own understanding of ‘does’ and ‘don’ts’. They will rather assist you in many very hard kinds of work, but they always try to avoid nude posing – military education, so called “army school” restrains them from doing such things.

Only after enormous efforts and establishing of really warm friendly relationship we were able to take such pictures, but it was exactly our aim – because we are sure there is nothing more beautiful in this world as young cadets. Why exactly cadets or so called military students? Let’s explain, military guys are cute, masculine, well-trained – it means they have adorable bodies. But if we take a look to soldiers who are very limited time in the army (in the former Soviet Union countries every guy has to serve there when he becomes 18 years old) – soldiers are the same guys as civil ones. Their belonging to the army staff changes neither their personality nor their physical appearance. And that’s why if you like Russian soldiers you could like just guys with the same success. From another side young Russian military officers – cadets after graduation and already in front-line forces – have such special way of living that their male attraction changes dramatically fast. Needless to say lot of everyday stress, lot of consuming alcohol as attempt to take away the stress destroy their beautiful bodies and faces very soon. However the most sad thing in cadets’ after graduation life is that army service changes their character – and from wonderful romantic very decent and irresistible creature it comes to aggressive, selfish and obstinate men. But it is the truth of life – otherwise they will not be able to command soldiers in their responsibility.

Russian Cadets

So, that’s why from all military staff the cadets are surely the most attractive participants. Almost all of them came to the military colleges after special military secondary schools where they studied from 14 till 18 years of age. It shows that they have spent almost all their conscious lives in the barrack. It is different world there, and different understanding of good and evil. These schools are probably the last place where the men’s brotherhood still exists.

They are not disappointed in real life yet, because they do not know it for sure – they still have seen not too much life out of their barracks and training classrooms. They could be really romantic heroes from that books people call “ladies’ reading”. And it is the main POINT that attracts.

But the cadets’ sites are difficult to find, and almost all of the sites claiming to be cadets’ ones, present gay porn models you’ve seen all over the Net already. You could join ours to see real cadets nude and to help us to continue to present their beauty to the world. You can also stay aside and miss this unique exciting photo collection with every week updates, but read a lot of useful information about cadets’ life in Russia and the former Soviet Union by subscribing on our FREE weekly e-zine “The Russian Cadets News”. We will inform you about updates of site’s content, but also we’ll inform you about different aspects of cadets’ intimate life, dreams, hopes and wishes. Of course it will not be the stories “about everything and nothing and nothing at the same time”, but real experiences we’ve heard from cadets we are working with on creating of this site.

But much better if you join the members’ team of right now – you’ll get access to unique photo galleries, but also you’ll be able to write your fan-mail to every cadet you like – because in our members’ area there are e-mail addresses for contacting the cadets presented on the site. We assume that all of them are straight, but anyway if you feel that you like one or another military student presented inside the members’ area you can surely drop him pair lines (or more), and who knows…

Also you should know that from every subscription made for this site we spend a half for support of the cadets – in our country the government doesn’t have enough money to supply military sector with most necessary things, especially in winter. So we help them as much as we can. You can just mention the name of cadet who was the most definitive reason for you to join us and the amount from your membership will be given to him personally. Moreover if you continue your membership next month or next 90 days period (it depends on your payment option) you can order that this time you support another cadet. But it is up to you, of course. However you should know that we uploaded this site with purpose to find like-minded persons all over the world, and to give a little help to the cadets who are really not only our site models, but also our good friends in everyday life.

Now it’s up to you to decide – will you join us or will you go. But we are happy that you’ve found time and shown interest to visit now. We hope you’ll come back to check growth of this project and transforming it to the Web Home for the Russian cadets and their world admirers.

Alec Santee